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3 Reasons To Encourage Your Teen To Read

Today's teens were born into a world that relies heavily on technology. As a result, teens can see books as outdated and obsolete. They don't understand that reading plays a fundamental role in both educational and social development. It's important that you find ways to encourage your teen to read so that they can take advantage of the many benefits reading has to of

4 Types Of African American Empowerment Books To Enjoy

Black History Month gives people an opportunity to learn more about the African American people who have shaped the United States. However, there is never an inopportune time to learn more about the experiences, histories, and innovations of African Americans. Reading books about African American people can help people of all ages empower themselves to live full lives

Helpful Tips for Getting Your Elementary Schooler Used to Reading Chapter Books

If you have a child in elementary school, you might be really proud of the fact that they are learning how to read. If you think that your child is ready to switch from beginner books to chapter books, then you might be even more excited and proud. However, you might not know how to help your child transition to this new reading stage. These tips can help you if you w

Seven Ways That The Orton Gillingham Technique Helps Students

Teachers responsible for the education of young students should understand what the Orton Gillingham approach is and how it helps students learn to read. The following are seven ways that the Orton Gillingham technique helps students. The Orton Gillingham approach breaks the task of learning to read down into small steps. It can feel overwhelming for young students wh

4 Types Of Adventure Memoir That You Might Enjoy

Some people accomplish amazing things and experience incredible situations. You can learn all about them and enjoy their adventures vicariously through autobiographies. When it comes to adventure, one size doesn't fit all. There are many types of adventure that a person can have. Your interests will determine the sorts of adventures that you're most drawn to. Here are