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Helpful Tips for Getting Your Elementary Schooler Used to Reading Chapter Books

If you have a child in elementary school, you might be really proud of the fact that they are learning how to read. If you think that your child is ready to switch from beginner books to chapter books, then you might be even more excited and proud. However, you might not know how to help your child transition to this new reading stage. These tips can help you if you want to help your elementary schooler get used to reading chapter books.

Look for Early Reader Books 

You might feel as if your child is ready to move on from picture books, but you might not be totally sure of whether or not they are ready for chapter books. Luckily, there are chapter books that are written just for early readers, which are younger readers such as those who are still in elementary school. They often have shorter chapters, and they're usually a good in-between fit in regards to how challenging they are. They also typically have more age-appropriate themes for younger children, making them a great choice for a child who is just getting started with reading chapter books. There are early reader chapter book stories for all kinds of kids, so you should be able to find a great topic that will be interesting to your child.

Read the Books Together

You might have always read with your child, and you might think that this will have to end now that your child is going to be reading chapter books. However, you might find that you and your child can still really enjoy story time with one another. For example, to help your child get used to reading chapter books, you can always start by reading the first chapter or two to them. Then, you can ask your child to read aloud to you, which can help them get some great practice.

Be Patient

You probably want your child to grow and improve their reading skills as much as possible, and you might be ready for them to start enjoying the joys of reading longer books. Therefore, you might want to be a little bit pushy. Of course, there is nothing wrong with encouraging your child, and encouraging your child is actually a good thing to do. However, you shouldn't be too pushy, and you should try to be patient, too. After all, you don't want your child to feel intimidated. If you find that your child is pushing back or is struggling with the chapter books, there is nothing wrong with breaking out their favorite beginner books for a little while and then encouraging them to try chapter books again later.

For more information about early reader chapter book series for boys and girls, check out a local book and supply store near you.