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Seven Ways That The Orton Gillingham Technique Helps Students

Teachers responsible for the education of young students should understand what the Orton Gillingham approach is and how it helps students learn to read. The following are seven ways that the Orton Gillingham technique helps students.

The Orton Gillingham approach breaks the task of learning to read down into small steps.

It can feel overwhelming for young students when they are first starting to learn to read. Fortunately, the Orton Gillingham approach breaks down the process of learning to read into progressive intermediate steps that are easier for a student to handle. 

The Orton Gillingham technique makes students more confident.

Confidence is important for students learning any subject. Reading is no exception. The Orton Gillingham approach can make students more confident as they learn to read as they successfully get through the various steps of the process. 

The Orton Gillingham technique helps teachers to become aware of reading disabilities sooner.

It's important for teachers to become aware that a student has a reading disability such as dyslexia early on. The sooner such a disability is detected, the sooner teachers can start addressing the disability and helping the student to overcome it. 

The technique allows a student to master a certain task before moving on.

The Orton Ginningham technique is a sequential technique. Students establish one skill and then move on to the next. This ensures that students master the basics before they move on. The process gives students a strong base in phonics knowledge that they build on as they continue their education. 

The Orton Gillingham technique offers an individualized approach.

Every student is different. Students learn differently, and the Orton Gillingham technique takes this factor into account. This technique for learning to read is very flexible so that students can learn differently depending on their unique aptitudes and preferences. 

Students learn with a multisensory approach that keeps them engaged.

Students enjoy and stay engaged with this unique learning process because it involves not only sight and hearing, but also touch and movement. Young students are less likely to grow discouraged or bored with a multisensory process like the Orton Gillingham technique. 

The Orton Gillingham technique is flexible and can help any student learn to read.

The effectiveness of the Orton Gillingham technique is not limited to use with only certain students. The technique can be used to help any student to learn thanks to the fact that it is very and adaptable to a student's particular style of learning. 

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