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3 Reasons To Encourage Your Teen To Read

Today's teens were born into a world that relies heavily on technology. As a result, teens can see books as outdated and obsolete. They don't understand that reading plays a fundamental role in both educational and social development.

It's important that you find ways to encourage your teen to read so that they can take advantage of the many benefits reading has to offer. 

1. Improve Vocabulary Skills

Teen lingo is often littered with acronyms and phrases that don't make much sense to adults. Without exposure to the language and structure found in books, your teen's vocabulary could suffer.

Reading exposes teens to new words and ways to structure sentences. Since most college entrance exams feature both a vocabulary and reading comprehension section, the vocabulary skills your teen develops through reading can have a very real impact on future success.

Encourage your teen to read books written by a wide range of authors so that they can expand their vocabulary in an organic and healthy way.

2. Develop Emotional Maturity

Teens are notorious for thinking only about themselves. It can be challenging to help your teen become more emotionally mature. Emotional maturity is a skill that will be needed as your teen grows into adulthood.

Books have the power to promote this type of growth by giving your teen a glimpse into the lives of others. Teens can witness someone else's struggle through reading, and this can put their own lives in perspective.

Reading books shows teens that everyone has unique problems and faces challenges, but there are still ways to find happiness and the courage to overcome limitations. 

3. Learn Life Lessons

Teenagers often go through a rebellious phase that turns them against their parents. They may engage in wild and dangerous behavior without thinking of the consequences.

A parent's warning of the risks of rebellion can fall on deaf ears, but reading about the outcome of a person's rebellion in a book can have a powerful impact.

Books that detail the ways certain behaviors have a negative impact on the characters can cause teens to consider how their own behaviors may affect the rest of their lives.

By using books as a way to help teach teens life lessons, parents can curb unwanted behavior and help their teens avoid mistakes that will have permanent consequences.

Don't underestimate the power of reading when it comes to the health and happiness of your teen. For more information, consider reading a book like Everybody's Favorite Brother.