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Helpful Tips for Getting Your Elementary Schooler Used to Reading Chapter Books

If you have a child in elementary school, you might be really proud of the fact that they are learning how to read. If you think that your child is ready to switch from beginner books to chapter books, then you might be even more excited and proud. However, you might not know how to help your child transition to this new reading stage. These tips can help you if you w

Seven Ways That The Orton Gillingham Technique Helps Students

Teachers responsible for the education of young students should understand what the Orton Gillingham approach is and how it helps students learn to read. The following are seven ways that the Orton Gillingham technique helps students. The Orton Gillingham approach breaks the task of learning to read down into small steps. It can feel overwhelming for young students wh

4 Types Of Adventure Memoir That You Might Enjoy

Some people accomplish amazing things and experience incredible situations. You can learn all about them and enjoy their adventures vicariously through autobiographies. When it comes to adventure, one size doesn't fit all. There are many types of adventure that a person can have. Your interests will determine the sorts of adventures that you're most drawn to. Here are

Changing The Narrative About Women's Historical Achievements

Historical nonfiction books are one of the most elaborate ways to preserve the impact that particular people have had on our world. History is littered with many remarkable women hailed for their ability to impact lives and influence cultures. While immense efforts have been put into preserving their achievements through literature, many icons remain forgotten while b

Why You Should Read An Iceland Geology Book Before Visiting The Country

Iceland is a magnificent country to visit. It's very rural, with a lot of space between cities and settlements. The geography is incredibly unique, with geysers, mountain peaks, fjords, and cliffs seemingly around every corner. Iceland is a very rocky country, and as such, there is a lot to know about its geology. In fact, it's a really good idea to read a book about