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Why You Should Read An Iceland Geology Book Before Visiting The Country

Iceland is a magnificent country to visit. It's very rural, with a lot of space between cities and settlements. The geography is incredibly unique, with geysers, mountain peaks, fjords, and cliffs seemingly around every corner. Iceland is a very rocky country, and as such, there is a lot to know about its geology. In fact, it's a really good idea to read a book about Icelandic geology before you visit the country. Here's why.

You'll become more familiar with various terms

On your vacation to Iceland, you are almost certain to visit a lot of natural landmarks that are characterized by rock structures. There will be signage that tells you important information about the formations you see. Although this signage is typically written in English, there are still some Icelandic terms included. If you understand these terms, you'll get a lot more out of reading these signs and visiting the geological sites. Reading a book about Icelandic geology before your visit will introduce you to these terms and increase your understanding. 

You'll learn more about geological history

As you drive around Iceland and admire all of the geological formations, you are sure to learn a lot about them in the present tense. However, you won't always learn much about their history and how they all formed. This is covered in some formal tours of various geysers and fjords, but it's not always the focus. When you read a book about geology, you will learn more about the various glaciers that formed Iceland and influenced its geology. Then, as you're driving around and admiring those geological formations, you'll have a greater appreciation for where they came from and how their beauty originated.

You won't feel as pressured to learn, learn, learn on your trip

There's so much to learn as you visit geological formations in Iceland. And learning can definitely be fun, but you may not want that to be all you do on your trip. You also want to have time to admire nature's beauty, relax in your cottage, and visit restaurants. If you've already read a book on geology and jump-started your learning, then you can spend a little less of your time learning and more of it doing other things. 

Iceland is known for its vast and wondrous beauty and landscape. Reading a book about its geology will be a great way to prepare for your upcoming Iceland vacation. Check out a local or online bookstore to find Iceland geology books.